Tips for Play



These lovers’s love Sex – They love to play and they take it any way they can get it…Slow and Easy or Fast and Hard – use words describing how you like it and the Ram will follow your lead.  The mighty ram loves a challenge so use your words specifically attuned to this aspect of the sign – Let them tell you what they want – ask them to describe it in detail. This powerful first Zodiac sign likes a good mystery but also enjoys someone that can be direct – occasionally really give it to them straight – no honey words just straight sex. They will be craving more!


This sign loves to text while being intimate – as this is a sexting game this can be a bit of a challenge for the two-sided lover.  In one side of the game, they will embrace the ability to express what they desire from you and from the other side they may get frustrated with just sexting sexy text – so throw in personal comments about how you feel when you are with them using examples of being cozy on the couch or how much you love their scent.  Always make it fun – this is an adventurous sign and they love creative!



The Bull is exactly that.  They come at you hard once they want you so in sexting text about what truly turns them on – text about scents you love and using massage oils that smell of musk – text about touching them in places you know they like – if you don’t know what they like ask them where they would want you to touch.  This is a sign with which you can definitely be more bold so text them all day (or as appropriate for the work) about touching them and what you would do if they were with you!




The love sign – they love sweet and sensitive words that convey feeling – play this up in the game if your relationship is ready for this style – if not, use the word love to describe how you love when they talk dirty or how, if you were together, you would love to see them in a hot, new bedroom wardrobe.  Tender is the name of the game.  They don’t play lightly so, if you have a Cancer accepting your invite to play, go into it with sensuality and romance-success will be yours!


This royalty sign loves it all-romance, sexy talk, playfulness and just good old fashion sex. To win at the sexting game with this creature, be bold.  Let them know you desire them and they will be yours to command. Creativity is the name of the game – they want a new adventure around every corner and the world of sexting is no different.  The Lion gets more enthusiastic in play the more you let them know you want them, so days before, send a tease, or the day of, wake them up with a “good morning sexy” and you will have them thinking about you all day long – awaiting your game of play!  Make the invitation one they will ‘crave’ to play for many times to come.



This sexy smoldering thinker loves to ponder what gives you pleasure. They want to make all the right moves and say the things that will have you saying mmmm yes, more please! So really give the details to this Mercurial Lover! This lover can be quiet in the game of sexting until they see your response is getting heated – so don’t be afraid to go hot and tender from the very first sext you receive. Shower them with lots of complimentary sexts and the payoff is sure to please!



This classic lover has charm and ease at their fingertips. From the first to the last sext you are sure to be swept off your feet and right into the mmmm well, you know! A great game of sexting to the usually private Libran is filled with clever, quick, and hot responses. They want to play with one that is willing to experience it all – because a true Libran will come ready to experiment.  So try out all the twists and kinks that your wicked mind can share and they will find it very intriguing.  They will give as good as they get!



Scorching passion is behind this intense lover – Words like ‘mine’ and ‘always’ should be peppered throughout your play because while the Scorpion’s sting is notorious for pain, this lover only wants pleasure with the right player.  This partner may play fast and furious or slow and smoking so choose your words with care.  Often this raw, open-hearted lover uses their silence to tell you how they’re feeling. However, with your use of the right words this lover will show you their sensitive side and your pleasure will be their guide.  In the end, pleasing you pleases them.



Playful describes this lover in completion.  Theyre all about the show.  Words of flattery and detailed explanations of why you like what you like will allow them to play up their best feature – the fame they not so secretly seek. They enjoy wild and dramatic romps so definitely add a little spice to every role you play.  Feel the energy from his sexting game. This is one Fire sign that loves when their lover appreciates all they bring to the game.  The thrill that you will receive in return will be worth the play. 



The most considerate when sexting – they focus on your pleasure as much as their own.  Loving things that consistently prove to be satisfying will always bring this lover back for more play but be willing to experiment.  The body is a place where they can release their everyday stresses.  These lovers are stealthy in their real world loving, but when they play with the more adventurous someone, their fantasies accelerate with heat.  Bring your best because judging from the play this lover shows they will expect full-on trips to your wonderland complete with pics.



This Air sign is the flirt– their sexual desires are like catching the wind itself, both a trick to master as well as a miracle to behold.  Once you have caught the wind, sincerity will bring out the most romantic of lovers.  Words of honesty and detailed thought about their body will open this fine and reserved bottle of ecstasy.  So plan your game before play by looking at pics of them, reading through their texts or emails, and ask yourself “what is the key to unlock the pleasure of this dreamer”!



Spur of the moment gaming is the perfect play with this lover.  Attentive and caring, this player loves the romance of intimacy.  This is one sign that wants your all or nothing, so play it up that you are theirs and the game is all but won.  Willing to show you the stars in exactly the way you want, this player comes ready to please.  Focus on showing your affection throughout your sexting and you will find a very happy ending.