Play Prep

Tips and Ideas for Setting the Mood



  • Buy the game pack and have it delivered to your playmate as a surprise.
  • Buy the package and set up in the bedroom, arrange according to gameplay.  Surprise!



  • Plan your own Sexy photo shoot – use some of the suggested shots in the gameplay!  
  • If he/she has invited you to play, they enjoy your body – try it – the photos only enhance you and your lover’s experience!  And they disappear as soon as gameplay has ended (COMING SOON).  Fun and Private!



  • Use the individual gameplay – each game pack will have detailed game play Suggestibles for you and your lover’s eyes to devour!
  • Use some or all – have fun and use your imagination!!


For Your Mind

  • You are SEXY!  Meditate on your SEXINESS.
  • If he or she wants to play – you are already what they desire!  Now, let your mind relax and enjoy it!!
  • Put on whatever makes you feel sexy – walk in it, strut in it – touch it, take a mental picture of yourself and how you feel at this moment and carry it into the game!
  • Hit the gym – not because you need it but because you want what it gives you!  Endorphins, Inspiration and that great feeling of accomplishment!  It makes for a great way to start off a SEXY night of games.


Before Play

  • Take a hot, steamy shower or luxuriate in a long bubble bath – upon exiting the warm water – massage in a scented lotion all over your body.
  • Relax with a glass of wine or your beverage of choice. 
  • Look at sexy pics of your lover. 
  • Use this time to think fantastical thoughts of what is to come later in the game.
  • Try to think of one or two hot surprises that will take your game play to a FUN and exciting level – or at best “a shocking and exhilarating level.”


Consider one or all of these

  • Apply self-tanner
  • Buy something new to wear each time you play
  • Work with photo editor apps to enhance our pics
  • New lipstick or cologne adds a sensual touch
  • Spray the sheets with your lovers scent
  • Light candles
  • Write down all those naughty thoughts you think but never say out loud – use them in gameplay – this is fun!  Enjoy!!!


Let Your Imagination Play! 

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