In honor of great ole Valentine’s Day, I thought it rather appropriate to blog about those men that keep trying to please us women with their playfulness so I reached out to my lady fan’s and asked “what playful things their men were doing”? 

So this list is a tribute to all those Hot, Gorgeous Men that make us melt with their words and their efforts. If you haven’t got a positive list of what your man is doing for you today and everyday to keep it playful, stop what you are doing and make that list NOW! 

Couldn’t agree more with this list and I’ve added a few of my own so In HONOR of the MEN that make us PURR by doing these things:

  •     For making an effort to understand our sometimes needy desires.
  •     For making an effort to help when we need those manly arms around the house. 
  •     For making an effort to listen as we get lost in our worries and stress.
  •     For making an effort to find our pleasure before you find yours. 
  •     For making an effort to send us playful and funny memes throughout our day rather than a       junk pic(not requested).
  •     For making the time to text chat with us when we miss you throughout the week.
  •     For taking our attempted sexy drunk text as the compliment it is – truly :)
  •     For making our morning with “good morning beautiful, gorgeous and being sincere about         it - rather than hoping to get a booby shot) 
  •     For remembering the times we made you smile, when we are moody!
  •     For being our hero, for those manly shoulders you let us cry on even when your day is going     rough. 
  •     For all those sexy surprise text that make us shiver in the night when we are least expecting       it. 
  •     For being you – flawed, imperfect but perfect for us, YOU

The women I chose both single and married….spoke from personal experience about what their week has been like with the man of their dreams and what they were most thankful for…it wasn’t the CHOCOLATE! It wasn’t the DIAMONDS, boys….IT WAS SIMPLY YOU – You in all your playful, thoughtful glory…some of you clothed and some of you not….It’s been a good week! 

Ladies, a note to you….maybe for all that playfulness it’s time to try a little something NEW – so why not try out Sextibles* the iOS App!  A playful game might make his week a little easier to bear and isn’t he worth your efforts?

Now GENTLEMEN – have you wrote your list of the ways in which she makes your ENGINE ROAR???

Keep it EXTREMELY Playful – 


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SEXY ROMANCE 911 - Tips for Saving Your Romance!

fd handcuffs and heels.jpg

*Share to be entered to Win your own Sextibles* Sexy 911 Playkit(details to follow).

PLAYFUL {pley fuhl} adjective

  1. Full of Play or Fun; frolicsome 
  2. Pleasantly humorous or jestive; flirty

When I speak to couples about what makes their relationship work or what they wish they had more of, it’s the sense of joy from the playful flirting they experienced in early on dating. Those date night moments of smiling from across a room hoping at the end of the night all those tingly vibes of chemistry and laughter lead to something more.  

But in the real world, where we all live, our day to day catches up with us.  Doing dishes, running errands, the simply mundane, need-to-be completed now versus later gets in the way of having time for those moments.  Or so we tell ourselves.  

But isn’t it true we make time for the things we want in our life? Coffee from our favorite coffee barista, our nails manicured maybe even a pedicure, time at the gym to improve our health or simply more self-confidence, time to play with our pets our hobbies, or working on our cars just to relax?  We manage to get all of this and much more in our schedule and yet, taking the time (in this electronic age) to send a playful, passionate, and private flirty text to our significant other to summon up those wantonness feelings of sensual possibility, to be with someone we may or may not be having a conflict with due to the mundane and necessary things called life takes more energy.

Truth is we all need that thing that is missing.  Call it romance, friendship, adoration, love, or just plain playfulness, we all crave that feeling of being wanted and needed.  Our bodies, our minds, our relationships are no less in need of TLC than our car needs oil.  It’s required for us to thrive, to grow, and to keep the fires burning.  

3 Tips for Saving your Romance:

1. Rethink Romance - What does your partner think of Romance? Are you on the same page? No - Try it her way or his this year - Let go of preconceived notions or the  traditional hearts and roses - maybe this year it's a fishing trip or a weekend in bed cuddling? 

2. Expand your Horizons - Take your passion out of the bedroom - Get playful - Go Parking, make out in the backseat of your car, your jeep, or your boat! GO have passion - don't just stay in!

3. Spark the Flames before you see her/him - Send the Hottest Sextible* you can imagine or use one of the pre-created ones by myself in the Sextibles* App - Keep it Playful, Passionate, & Private always - don't let hackers ruin your romance!

Sextibles* the app, is still one of the most secure ways to experience an adventurous and playful moment that is private (no children allowed) between you and your partner when you are far from each other. It was created with Couples in mind, two people or even three to be able to experience a playful moment in an otherwise stress-filled day.  

Think about your day…have you flirted with your love? Are they missing you? Are they having a rough day and could use a little distraction, something to look forward to coming home to?

Valentine's Day is coming, what if this year Valentines was just like the first time with your partner?  What if this year Valentine’s Day was more than just a bouquet, diamonds, or chocolates, but the passion was reignited simply from a few stolen moments of sensually playful communication when your lover is least expecting it. 

Why not try out one of the fun games of Role-Play created with true couples in mind and turn up that flame again?  

Try Sextibles* today – Download at iOS App Store and choose from one of 4 games of adventure.  

*Lover's Romance* - Game of Love and Intimacy - For the True Love Lovers. 

*Forbidden Desires* - Game of Games - For the 50 Shades-Forbidden Naughty Lovers.

*Masquerade Nights* - Game of Mystery - For the Lover's that yet to Meet!

*Out of Uniform*- Game of Dangerous Heat - For the Lover's that are in Need of Rescue.

***Share this blog page on your social media and be entered to win the FREE Sexy 911 Kit from Sextibles*.  

Keep it Playful, 


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Sensual Inspiration

Hey Everyone!

Over the holiday weekend, I got to pull out my summer reading list and was reminded of a question that is always being asked from the ReignaX followers - "Why do you always sign off with the words Keep it Playful?"  After a weekend of reading some very juicy stories my 'full' answer came to me. 

It's simple; because we should! Relationships need Sensual Inspiration - Period! Relationships are tough, they go through periods of doubt, indecision, boredom, and heavy stress.  Sometimes we need space but truly what we need is to remember to "Keep it Playful". 

I have been a reader all my life...I crave a good book whether it's electronic or the real deal complete with its old musty smell.  In those books, I have found laughter, smiles, romance, intrigue, and sensuality.  And yes, all these things inspire play time with my playpartner.

How can words like the following examples not inspire one to want a better and more playful love life?  Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones and already keep it spicy.  Does this mean you can't be inspired?  After having read possibly over 2000 books thus far and truly I think that's a very low estimation, I disagree that it only happens in books.  (wink wink)  I can assure you I know this one from first hand (and body) experience but I can also say with certainty that even I need a daily dose of sensual to keep my kitten purring. 

Sensuality Inspiration examples:

"Mmm, I want a lot, ferocity, passion, animalism....Overpower me. Tonight I want to be wicked."                                                                            Just One Night; Kyra Davis(2013)

"The need to take this woman, to slake his never-ending lust around her, was a primal, living thing inside him."                                                    His to Protect; Katie Reus(2013)

"When he groaned into her mouth, she pulled back a fraction.  He let out a frustrated sound until he realized what she was doing.  Moving quickly, she straddled him......She wanted to feel his body against hers. And feel it she did."                                                                                      His to Protect; Katie Reus(2013)

I hope each of you have your summer reading list - (Hello Men - You me these also have some good thriller scenes).  If you don't read, then watch a movie. Sensual Inspiration is in everything we do, if we will just look at the world around us with a playful mindset.  Life doesn't have to be all stress and no play.  Find time to play with your playpartner, increase the joys you found in each other's arms and never lose it!

Keep it Playful,

*All books can be found at All book quotes are that of their author's and not the property of High Sexiety, LLC - the use of the quotes are for entertainment and educational purposes.







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What's New & What's Coming!

SO Much!

So many, many things - Just have to share! Coming in time for the 4th of July, in honor of our Men & Women in Uniform - a new role play game from Sextibles* called "Out of Uniform". We love this game for its play on words - and as always we love those that Serve. So if you have ever wanted to role play with a member of the local fire department, one of our military's finest, or one of our True Blue, keep watching for the release date on iOS App Store!

And as our biggest @Sextibles and @Sensualtruth fans already have heard - ReignaX has teamed up with Dance Artist, Lana Lane to bring our fans "The Sensual Truth, Late Night Secrets with ReignaX and Lana Lane"; a podcast of Sensual Revelations and Intimate Conversations.  We will be bringing you hot tips from our latest Sensual Encounters - topics like:

  • Sensual Sexcapades - Tips on pulling off a romantically sensual playtime outside the bedroom!
  • Sensual Role Play - Tips on how to have the most fun in your game of role play with Sextibles* the app .
  • Sensual Kama Sutra - Explore the world of the Hindu Love training manual with ReignaX and Lana. 
  • Sensual Rants - We will share our opinions of some of today's hottest Sensual topics - like "To Junk or Not to Junk, is Sexting an evil, and many more topics. 
  • Sensual Accents - We will share some of our favorite products to use in playtime and share resources of where to find them. 
  • Laughter, Sensual Secrets, Truth or Dare with a lucky fan and so much more...

Keep Listening and tune into our Twitter page @Sensualtruth for the upcoming iTunes release date to subscribe. 

Thank you as always to all of our many loyal fans - Keep supporting us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr  for more updates!    

Thank you as always to all of our many loyal fans - Keep supporting us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr  for more updates!



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1000 Followers on Twitter = Promise Kept!

FANTABULOUS! We LOVE You!  This isn't a Brag session - this is an "Each FAN counts" Grateful Blog!

Almost 1200 Twitter Followers - 200 Sensual Musings with ReignaX Tumblr Followers - 100 Sexting 101 Blog Followers - 230 Instagram Followers and nearly 200 Facebook Friends and Family that have chosen to support the Sextibles* Suggestibles* or any of the ReignaX Brands of High Sexiety, LLC.  

The support is most welcomed and completely LOVED! We will never stop being GRATEFUL!

We wanted to take this moment to say a formal Thank You! Thank you to those that take part in our Twitter contest, thank you to those that read each blog I write, and thank you to those that like/heart/star/share a post on any given Social Media site you find the ReignaX brand!

I AM and my Investor’s are Blessed and Truly Touched by each show of support!

In December, I promised that “if and when” the @Sextibles Twitter Fan Page gained over 1000 Followers - I would post for the ReignaX fans - a more “Adult” photo shoot.  We have been working hard to keep that promise.  As CCO, we have made certain to stay true to the High Sexiety, LLC Standards of Practice, by coming up with a way to keep that promise and still “Keep it Private”.  We are afterall trying to show that all Adult things can be kept Playful, Passionate, & Private - Hence, ReignaX The Private Collection.  

To access the “promised” photo shoot as well as any future ‘updates’, simply follow @Sextibles and like the post with the pic above - once we have checked to make sure that you are 18+ and have liked the pic you will receive a direct message with your “VIP Code”. 

Once you have received your code - simply go to - and enter the code in the space provided. We hope you enjoy the selections made for this release!  

Keep watching for the Salute to Men & Women in Uniform!(May/2016)

With lots of LOVE & Gratitude,



ReignaX - The NEW Me!

Warning this Video SHARE is explicit and telling

FROM the desk of ReignaX;
Not long from now - my story will become known - I am a survivor of rape, my company and it's products are a result of having found something BEAUTIFUL in a world I once thought was not for me to respect, to enjoy, or to EMBRACE - Judgements are inevitable in everything including abuse or making dreams happen - I hope that for each of you that have found a way to survive your pain no matter what they might be - that you can find the other side - THE BRIGHT SIDE - one where LOVE and Intimacy need not be filled with sorrow and shame! PLEASE understand High Sexiety, LLC and it's products Sextibles and Suggestibles the Love Keyboard were created with the most positive intentions! 

My company ADVOCATES only Loving, Sensual, CONsentual, Intimate relationships between adults - there are NO judgements on this page! We EMBRACE the freedom to Explore a World of Intimacy in a SAFE and Private way!  The human body and it's bountiful ability to show LOVE isn't limited to only one way of EXPRESSION! Your way may not be mine - Mine may not be yours! 

Please Free your Mind!

Respecting your life as I ask you to Respect Mine! 
ReignaX, CCO

PS. To my friend and Editor - ELAYNE - Thank you for sharing this journey with me - NO Editing on this one! Just a letter from the NEW Me!



Introducing Suggestibles The LOVE Keyboard

Language of Love
Romance your partner with sweet romantic, sensually sexy words to keep the flame alive. Having trouble expressing your feelings with your significant other? Suggestibles* is the answer. 

With the tap of your finger, you can charm with our “Teases”, share your heart's desire with an "SG” and always complete your experience with our “Sweet Endings”. Communicate using provided Suggestibles* with your lover via any Social Media App on your phone or tablet and entice them into being yours for the night or forever. 

Do you and your partner wish to explore other area's of your relationship? Perhaps try something new to keep the flame alive?

True Lover's around the globe enjoy finding new and creative ways to express their feelings. Now you can enjoy 3 new Languages of Love with the Suggestibles* Lover's Keyboard Package available in 1 complete package all created to improve your relationship.

Sextibles* Forbidden Desires – The Ultimate in Words of Surrender to the Love of your Life. 
Sextibles* Lover’s Romance – The Ultimate in Sweet Words of Love and Romance
Sextibles* Masquerade Nights – The Ultimate in Words of Mystery.

Use the Suggestibles* Keyboard virtually on any Social Media Event or App
- When you chat with your matches on Tinder and other dating apps or sites
- When you Text via SMS, MMS, or iMessage
- When you chat via any Messenger app such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat    and more
- When you post on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and more
- Anywhere you use your keyboard

Download TODAY -



Convince Me! Why should I sext my partner?

In a Men's Health article, "Why you shouldn't ask her if she has orgasmed" by Michelle Malia, she reported that for Men - the Orgasm was the big finale - the "tada!" moment of sex.  However with women, only 56% reported having orgasms from intercourse alone.  This statistic from a Swedish study suggests that for women, the orgasm is a fantastic accessory to sex but it's the connection, the intimacy or bond during the entirety of playtime that they truly crave.  

Sexting while not new in 2016, is still somewhat a forbidden territory for couples - fears of pictures being hacked, fears of rejection, or fear of the unknown still keep couples from using this tantalizing thrill in their everyday intimate relationships.  

As a woman that studies the habits and techniques of those using the Art of Sexting in their relationships, I compare Sexting to Foreplay.  Traditional Foreplay is used in creating a moment of intense ecstasy...physical foreplay is igniting the woman's body through teases and caresses in an attempt to prepare her body to levitate through orgasm. Physical foreplay is the difference between a woman's body reaching full arousal or a woman just going through the motions.  

Sexting is a perfect form of Mental Foreplay for the mind and the body.  I was recently asked by a friend, "Why do I love and actually crave Sexting?"  My reply surprised her; I simply replied with a question of my own, "Have you ever had an orgasm from something your play-partner had said to you in text?"  Her reply, not surprisingly was "No, is that possible?"  To which I simply smiled in response. 

If the connection with your play-partner or spouse is on key, the words that the two of you share in Sexting most assuredly can bring immense pleasure, and what's more...should bring pleasure.  The words, those thoughts being sent to you at a moment of surprise, are the same as if your play-partner were to come up behind you, slip his/her hands around your waist and nibble on your neck.  Those words are their desires for you.  What better way to prepare for a night of romance than by talking of ways in which to pleasure one another?  

Sexting is what you make of it.  It can be raunchy and crass or it can be romantic and beautiful; it's all about intent of the player.  I know from experience the mind is a sexy playground that is all too often unengaged before the moment of physical intimacy.  Sexting can help you and your lover make the most of each moment spent in each other's arms.  

I challenge you today, try Sexting.  To help you in using the right words, try the Sextibles app on iOS - Private, Playful, and Passionate words at your fingertips!

Keep it Playful,



Challenge - 14 Day Countdown to a NIGHT of Playful Romance

Amore' deserves more than just one day of Romance, don't you agree? Don't you and your lover deserve 14 days to luxuriate in your love for one another with words of affection and adoration?  The Sextibles group believes we all deserve the height of Passion during this Month for Lover's. 

Hence, the 14 Day Countdown to Romance Challenge!  The year has only begun.  Are you keeping it Playful, Private, & Passionate?  Are you expressing your desire for your play-partner or are you running out of fresh ideas?  Well, Never Fear! Your Sexting Expert has 14 days of Romance planned to make your 14th day filled with Playful Passion!  The following are Playful Sexting suggestions.  Start with these and see where the conversation leads or mix them up with other options of Sext from the game SEXTIBLES* Lover's Romance

Day 1 - Send a sext "My love, I miss your caress...let's make this the best Valentine's Day ever!"

Day 2 - Kiss the neck of your play-partner, give a little moan, and whisper "Can't wait til our Valentine's Night!"  If you can't be with your play-partner, send a Sext - Add "Mmmm....."

Day 3 - Plan your wardrobe for your special night - What shirt does your play-partner love on you?  Do you need to go shopping?

Day 4 - Send a midday Lover's Sext - "Imagining your body gets me through the day with a smile!"

Day 5 - Late Night TV Sext - While streaming your favorite series or during the game, send a "hot pic preview"; a photo of something you plan to share on the night of Romance. (See examples below)

Day 6 - Sext a love note - Send a longer sext detailing words of respect to your play-partner.  Describe the good things they bring to your life or how they make you smile everyday!

Day 7 thru 11 - Sensory Sext - Send a Sext describing one of the 5 senses; touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. Smell-"I love the scent of your skin when I kiss your neck." Send one per day until you have found a way to describe each sense in detail to your lover. 

Day 12 - Sext a Song - Sext a video or song download with the words "This song - you and me dancing in the dark all night long." Examples of songs: No Ordinary Love by Sade or Wanted by Hunter Hayes. 

Day 13 - Send a Sext Question - "If tomorrow night were the last night you could be in my arms, what could I do to make the memory last for all eternity?"

Day 14 - Send the Hottest Sext of all - "Tonight, you're mine!"

I hope each of our Sextibles* Fans and Followers have the most Romantic 14 days of their life!

Don't forget to share to be entered in the drawing for a Lover's Romance Passion Pack. Someone you know may need the Sextibles* 14 Day Countdown to a Night of Playful Romance Challenge!




Sexting Tip No. 1 - Safe to be Sent

Keeping your intimate communications Private is Essential in a world of ever-creative hackers or broken romance revenge. Finding your late night play-party on the latest social media site is the last thing anyone dreams could happen but with our phones and tablets so easily accessible even with codes and passwords, it never hurts to carefully choose what you share.  

I'm constantly teaching those that ask, "How can I create a sexy photo for my play-partner and still know that my pic won't get out into the universe?" The honest answer; you can't.  

That's why, in my picture blog, I share perfect examples of photographs that create a sense of safety while still being Sensual;  photos that show hints of skin, an occasional intimate anatomy shot, or a playful role-play dress up shot, quotes included.  Shots such as these, that should they make the infamous stage of today's social media, one can hold their head up high and say "Oh, indeed that is my picture, isn't it beautiful?" 

Our private, intimate lives with our spouses, partners, or new loves should never be pushed aside in the name of fear and by educating yourself on what constitutes a "safe to be sent" photo, your love life need not be put on a shelf when far from home. 

Check out my page to see more photos.  As you browse ask yourself these questions about your own photos: "will this picture be detrimental to my reputation?", "are there recognizable features in the photo such as jewelry, a tattoo, or a birthmark?" and  "is there an item in the background that friends or family would recognize?"

Most of all while you're keeping it Playful & Passionate - Keep it Private! 




A Playroom for those in Uniform

Photo By Alfred Eisenstaedt (1945)

Photo By Alfred Eisenstaedt (1945)

Oh, how we love our Men and Women in uniform that serve around the world! 

When I first came up with the idea of creating Sextibles, in my mind and heart, I concentrated on those lovers that couldn't be together.  It's difficult to keep the fires burning for those serving their country or working long shifts thereby causing problems in the relationship. 

So, Sextibles was created; a Playful, Private, and Passionate play-room via electronic communication.  This virtual world of Sexting pleasures can indeed assist in improving relationships for those that miss that actual one-on-one intimate contact.  

The sacrifices made each and every day by our uniformed men and women range, at the very least, from long hours and lack of supplies to serving in an extremely dangerous capacity.  Why should they also struggle to feel that intimate connection with their lover, partner, or spouse?  Intimacy allows these men and women a sense of relief from the stress they endure during their long days, weeks and oft times months of service. Supporting Sextibles and its purpose is to support those who put their lives and indeed their happiness on the line. I believe this to be a worthy project.  

Sextibles offers date night in electronic format for those who can't physically be together; giving them a feeling, via a private and sensual message, of their lover's arms wrapped around them; holding them as tightly as they can from a distance.  

Be generous in your heart and know when you share this app and our latest Universal Version of Sextibles Suggestibles*, you are supporting our service men and women.  You are helping them love and be loved by those who miss them deeply. To offer your support simply share this blog, post in a separate email or post on your social media site - the link to the app is

Also, don't forget to follow us at the following Social Media Sites:   - Become a Sextibles FB Fan.   - Enjoy learning how to take a Private and Sensual Sexting Photo.

@Sextibles - Our Twitter Home - Join ReignaX for fun and Sexy Twitter-Only Contests.                                                                                                                          

Thank you ALWAYS to all of those who serve their country!

Keep the Fires Burning!




Seduction through Imagery; Privacy Required

"Kaloma" or Josephine Earp - 1914 - this picture has been a legend of research and controversy for many years now but, nonetheless, it is a picture of a woman daring to show her more sensual side; choosing to be proud of her human form and her sexuality through creativity. Sexting with your loving partner should create this same beautiful form of inspiration.  

A Chinese proverb said it correctly, "one picture is worth ten thousand words".  For centuries, creative artists have used cave walls, pencil, crayon, chalk, marble, paint, canvas, film, books, and movies to capture the human form.  Why?  Some pieces have been created to show appreciation of the human body in all its glory both clothed and unclothed while other pieces of visible art like those of Sexting in 2016 are used to seduce or tempt one's partner into a moment of intimacy. 

As a Sexting expert, I love the gentleman that can tempt me by photo but I have a high standard for what creates the perfect image for game-play.  Not just any picture will light my desires; the picture must be lit well, must be thought-provoking, and must be creative.  Notice the word "must"!

One of the most important secrets to smart Sexting that I teach to all of my fans is how to keep your photos private and secure enough to play with a relaxed mind.  We all enjoy a great looking body shot but do we all want our private and most intimate photos on display for the world...probably not.  

So how do we accomplish the art of Sexy, Intimate, and Playful Sext photos; photos that will insight a lover's mind to desire us without compromising our world of privacy? Answer; thoughtful and careful planning.  

  1. Plan the photos before game play.  In my app Sextibles*, for each game, you will find a detailed Prep Play describing the type of photos to plan as well as reiterating how to make the photos safe.  In Sextibles* Lover's Romance photos may be with candles in the background or of you in a bubble filled tub with a glass of wine.  In Sextibles* Masquerade Prep Play suggestions of ornate masks and costumes are the norm.  Each prep play instills the need for privacy and planning. 
  2. Never take a shot of a recognizable feature - Tattoos, birth marks, defining art, etc.
  3. Use an app that is private and doesn't allow the picture to come across in a notification and requires a password to view such as the Sextibles App.  

As a professional, except for marketing purposes such as my ReignaX signature photos, I don't allow my face to be in an intimate picture.  In games of Sexting, the object is to communicate your intimacies with someone you trust but being a responsible play-partner should also be considered as a top goal in game-play. 

Remember, Sexting is to be Playful and Passionate, but playtime is more fun when the risks are limited by keeping those photos private!

Enjoy your Playtime and your Play-partner!



Sensual Blogging Tips

Never would it be said that I'm a prude, but there is a limit for even this creative artist. The line for me is in-your-face junk shots.  Please! You must do better than send a pic of your anatomy to turn me on!  

I don't think I'm alone in this requirement; ladies and gents, can I get an "indeed"? As you know I'm trying to reach the world through teaching Playful, Private, and Passionate ways of playing with your partner.  

I fell in love with the art of the blog in 2014; blogs of all sorts.  My blog is now an absolute MUST for me each day.  In this blog are tempting pics and hot/clever quotes that show what makes for a game of Sexting...Sensual!

Come follow me to see how to keep photos in Sexting private and playful and how to inspire your day or night of passion. Sneak a peek of what thrills me - maybe in my Tumblr blog you will find what inspires your desires!

Keep It Sensual, xOx




3 Wishes for the New Year

Wish No. 1 - Playful Intimacy - May the New Year bring you and your playpartner the fun and exhilaration of playtime that only true intimacy can deliver.  May your time apart and your time together be enhanced by creative, imaginative adventures in love and romance. 

Wish No. 2 - Private Desire - May the New Year bring you and your playpartner the privacy you so desire when playing apart or playing together.  May you find a way to make Sextibles a part of your private playtime, whether near or far!  

Wish No. 3 - Passionate Adventures - May the New Year bring to you and your playpartner the awakening of your deepest and most sensual dreams.  May you enjoy the pleasures of both word and deed as they penetrate your soul!

We at @Sextibles wish you the Most Luscious NEW YEAR ever! Thank you for being our FRIEND/FANS! We Adore You!

Keep It Playful, Private, and Passionate all through the YEAR with Sextibles!




The Spirit of our Sextibles Holiday; Gratitude

We at SEXTIBLES* are TRULY Grateful!!!

A little over a year ago, my partners and I started off on an AMAZING ADVENTURE! With HOPES of enhancing the Romance of couples that couldn't be together; through the Art of Sexting!

As Christmas draws near and we journey ahead into 2016, we want to dedicate this blog post to ALL those who have supported us throughout the year with words of encouragement. Thank you for helping us to spread the word about our Private, Playful, and Passionate SEXTIBLES* App for Romantic Couples around the WORLD!  

This journey has led to MANY positive changes in our lives and we can't possibly list them all.  However,  we want to share a few in Celebration with Hope that the NEW YEAR brings each of us a Romance that will inspire those around us watching to make LOVE the most it can be!

  • SEXTIBLES* the app is in 11 Countries around the world; UK, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China, France, New Zealand, Turkey, United States, Canada, and Russia
  • Sexting 101 with ReignaX has 45 Loyal followers each and every week (truly we are thankful for Each One)
  • Over 350 Active Players each and every month (Without a Hard Market Launch)
  • Several Thousand checking into the SEXTIBLES* iOS App Store each month
  • Hundreds of NEW Friends in our Social Media Worlds

Whatever the NEW YEAR brings, please know that we at High Sexiety, LLC will work to bring you the best in Private, Playful, and Passionate Sexting! 

Merry Christmas!                                                                                                           

Keep the Kisses SWEET as Candy!



Sextrology in Sexting - YES!

Can your astrological sign really play a part in your romantic playtime?

Yes, of course it can! The beautiful science of using the stars and the planets in Astrology has been guiding relationship counseling for centuries. From the ancient reading of birth charts to playing with apps and newspaper readings as a fun past-time and there is so much more to be gained from knowing your sign and letting that guide your intimate relationships. 

In Sextibles* the App, I have included an astrological aspect called Sextrology* that is updated as new games are released, to help guide play-partners in knowing how best to choose the right games and the right words for each specific sign.  

I will use my own sign as an example; Leo the Lioness; as a late-in-the-month Leo, I have had 30 days of the Sun ruling my core.  This tends to bring out the more direct, the more playful, and the more demanding side of bedroom manner.  A Leo likes a playful adventure and a little danger so choosing Lover's Romance might not be our first choice.  A cunning play-partner would choose a game of Masquerade Nights or Forbidden Desires.  In so doing, you can bet that the Leo play-partner will bring their most passionate side to the game. 

Another example of using Sextrology with a Leo play-partner:  your pics and your responses :can go a bit darker and a bit more UN-tamed as the game play heats up, knowing that the true Lion will meet you play for play.  And as a true Texas Leo....Intimate time should always Go FUN or Go Home!  

So no matter the sign, it can never hurt to find out more about the Sextrology of your play-partner's desires. Surely, it can only make gameplay more Pleasurable!




Sensual Sexting

Can Sexting be made Sensual?

Indeed, and not only can it's essential that you create a sensual atmosphere for your sextcapade.  Prepping your senses for your game play is more than simply using the most erotic words or the hottest pics.  

A game of Sextibles* is a deliberate evening of electronic sex with your play partner who can't be at your side. Why would you want anything less than the most sensual experience you can imagine?

The best way to create a aura of sensuality is by using your 5 senses, well I've add a 6th sense to the mix but I think you will is necessary for the ultimate in pleasure.  Below are some examples of how I use them to enhance the experience of game play with my lover:

Imagination - While not an actual "sense", I find it critical to all game play interaction. Letting my mind imagine that my lover is thinking of ways to please me both mentally and physically is a (big) part of Reigna X game play.  I love sending my lover a Sextibles Tease* in the middle of the day to let him know I'm thinking of our night of fun! 

Sight - Candles - lighting is essential - when my play partner can't be with me in person, I want my mind completely immersed in what I would have if he were with me.  Candles for us are a must-have because they are romantic but also they create a desirable effect for the hot pics I send him and him alone in Sextibles*. 

Taste - Edibles - yes, edibles are fun in Sexting; again always use the same things you would use in real playtime.  Whether you choose an edible body paint to write your lover's name on your body or shoot a video of you biting into a juicy strawberry covered in hot fudge, descriptions of tongue tasting flavors should always be involved in game play!

Touch - Satin or Silk - The choice is yours here, I like lace, satin, silk...everything that touches my skin should be soft and make me want to slide them on or off slowly.  

Sound - Music - Soft, slow, romantic, rhythmic beats that allow the body and mind to flow are certain to enrich your mood.  Choose your favorite love songs or your favorite groove and let your mind float. 

Smell - Bubble baths and Lotions - I take a hot bubble bath before each game play encounter. Then, just as I would if he were coming over, I rub my body down with a soft musk and jasmine scented lotion.  The scent is sexy and the musk reminds me of his scent which always puts me in a sensual mood!

You can find out more about prepping for game play in the app under Sextibles* Tips or in the individual games under Prep Play.  Either way, keep it Sexy and Sensual!

Have Fun!



3 Rules of Engagement; Make her Hot for You!

I know guys are not Big Fans of rules, but what if I told you that these rules could enhance your relationship in and out of the bedroom?  Would you then like the rules? I think most of you would!

Rule No. 1 - Awaken her mind

Awaken her mind before playtime! Every woman in the world wants her special someone to send the unexpected text - Good Morning Sexy is super popular but if you really want to awaken her mind, it's going to take more than a complimentary greeting. Instead send a private sext within the Sextibles app like "Damn babe, I can't stop thinking about last night!" or "Having trouble concentrating Babe, I want my hands on you!"  Blowing her mind may be a little extra work but I promise once you FEEL her reaction, you will settle for nothing less for the rest of your life.  

Rule No. 2 - Send Pics Not JUNK

 Ladies all over the world are drooling over Captain America and Magic Mike.  Those guys just have to take their shirts off and we're set to go.  NOW, you might be thinking I don't have a six-pack and my arms aren't ripped; that shouldn't stop you from finding a creative way to remind us you are our Personal Super Hero. Using pics that remind her of her favorite Super Stud will have her hot and bothered about you and not him! Try pics like you see in the movies; unbuttoned jeans with an open button-down shirt with a sext "this is all yours" or tempt her with a pic of your hands then send the sext "these hands want to touch you all over".  

Rule No. 3 - STIR her Imagination 

Here is the Special Secret to taking her over the EDGE (just for YOU) - WORDS. I know it may seem like we covered this topic but not really - These are SPECIAL words used to induce a pre-orgasmic state of mind! In Sextibles, we call these the Satisfaction Guaranteed or SG's.  An SG is sensually graphic words used to HEAT up the game play. If she can't imagine it, she won't FEEL it....and you definitely want her to FEEL every word you use.  In SG's, words like Tease, Taste, Touch, Stroke, Show me, Pleasure you, and Oh Baby Please will set a fire deep within her that once lit will burn for a Very Long Time.  Use them wisely and she'll make you her personal Play Toy, Forever!


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The Creative Intimacy of Role-Play Games

Intimacy is defined as "showing a close union" but that definition does not do the word justice.  Intimacy should at the very least mean "baring one's soul in such a way as you never would with another"; that is how I define intimacy.  Sharing your secret desires with the one you love, being playful with your lover, or simply exploring your adventurous side in a safe way, these are just some of the reasons I love Sextibles* Role-Play Games. 

Role-Play via an electronic game is even more scintillating because the temptations come before actual play.  One of my favorite games of Sextibles* is Masquerade Nights.  This is a game of two strangers that are destined for a once in a lifetime night of Passion.  Now, the strangers need not be strangers; this is where playfulness comes in.  We all remember that first moment we met that special someone and we felt the ping of passions' chord strum through us.  Masquerade Nights allows for this moment to happen again in a loving and trusting playing with your partner of choice.  Wouldn't we all love to feel that passion again? I know I would!

When playing, I choose to play this particular game in a nightclub or hotel bar.  I find the bustling atmosphere gives me more creative Sextible* Pics than if I play it at home in my boudoir.  The music, the people, the cocktails all lend themselves to being more playful with a Sextibles* Tease* or Sextibles* Inspiration Photo for the game.  Trust me; this game is for the Playful and Passionate Lovers. 

On Saturday, November 21st, Reigna X will be out about town with her ladies for a special night of Sextibles* Masquerade Nights Live Sexting Tweet contest.  For all our Twitter Fans and Followers, we will be tweeting all night from different party venues with One of a Kind - Sextibles* Inspiration Photos - being tweeted from yours truly! So follow along and enter to win a Game Night of Sextibles with Reigna X - One entry for every starred tweet that contains a #sextibles or two entries for every retweet of any #sextibles tweet during the night!  Winner will be announced on November 23rd!  I look forward to playing with one lucky winner.  

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