Can Sexting be Romantic?  Yes, of course it can!  Think about the work day. You may be a stay at home mom with mountains of laundry and toys to pick up or you’re a CEO of a mega-company.  Regardless of your profession the day can get long and filled with anxieties. With just a little effort in the middle of the day and with the right suggestive flirtation, that can all change. A Sextibles “Tease”, for example, can not only ease those daily stressors but also prepare you and your partner for a fun-filled evening of romance.  

So imagine your day – you’re in the laundry room perhaps tired from the early morning alarm, your phone sings letting you know that you have an in-coming text; perhaps it’s the ladies wanting to get together for coffee or perhaps it’s your partner sending you a 'Tease' saying “I want to be alone with you tonight, your body is all I can think about!”

Hmmm? Coffee or a little something sweeter and definitely more romantic; tough choice!  Respond back with a hot 'Tease' or an 'Inspiration' photo to show your partner that their playfulness has pleased you and that you can't wait to see them.  Trust me; the night ahead will be a very exciting one! 

Relationships today need all the help they can get and Sextibles is that PrivatePlayful, and Passionate choice!  Try it today and see how the art of flirting via Sexting can add the heat you have been longing for in your relationship. 



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