We at SEXTIBLES* are TRULY Grateful!!!

A little over a year ago, my partners and I started off on an AMAZING ADVENTURE! With HOPES of enhancing the Romance of couples that couldn't be together; through the Art of Sexting!

As Christmas draws near and we journey ahead into 2016, we want to dedicate this blog post to ALL those who have supported us throughout the year with words of encouragement. Thank you for helping us to spread the word about our Private, Playful, and Passionate SEXTIBLES* App for Romantic Couples around the WORLD!  

This journey has led to MANY positive changes in our lives and we can't possibly list them all.  However,  we want to share a few in Celebration with Hope that the NEW YEAR brings each of us a Romance that will inspire those around us watching to make LOVE the most it can be!

  • SEXTIBLES* the app is in 11 Countries around the world; UK, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China, France, New Zealand, Turkey, United States, Canada, and Russia
  • Sexting 101 with ReignaX has 45 Loyal followers each and every week (truly we are thankful for Each One)
  • Over 350 Active Players each and every month (Without a Hard Market Launch)
  • Several Thousand checking into the SEXTIBLES* iOS App Store each month
  • Hundreds of NEW Friends in our Social Media Worlds

Whatever the NEW YEAR brings, please know that we at High Sexiety, LLC will work to bring you the best in Private, Playful, and Passionate Sexting! 

Merry Christmas!                                                                                                           

Keep the Kisses SWEET as Candy!