Keeping your intimate communications Private is Essential in a world of ever-creative hackers or broken romance revenge. Finding your late night play-party on the latest social media site is the last thing anyone dreams could happen but with our phones and tablets so easily accessible even with codes and passwords, it never hurts to carefully choose what you share.  

I'm constantly teaching those that ask, "How can I create a sexy photo for my play-partner and still know that my pic won't get out into the universe?" The honest answer; you can't.  

That's why, in my picture blog, I share perfect examples of photographs that create a sense of safety while still being Sensual;  photos that show hints of skin, an occasional intimate anatomy shot, or a playful role-play dress up shot, quotes included.  Shots such as these, that should they make the infamous stage of today's social media, one can hold their head up high and say "Oh, indeed that is my picture, isn't it beautiful?" 

Our private, intimate lives with our spouses, partners, or new loves should never be pushed aside in the name of fear and by educating yourself on what constitutes a "safe to be sent" photo, your love life need not be put on a shelf when far from home. 

Check out my page to see more photos.  As you browse ask yourself these questions about your own photos: "will this picture be detrimental to my reputation?", "are there recognizable features in the photo such as jewelry, a tattoo, or a birthmark?" and  "is there an item in the background that friends or family would recognize?"

Most of all while you're keeping it Playful & Passionate - Keep it Private!