Amore' deserves more than just one day of Romance, don't you agree? Don't you and your lover deserve 14 days to luxuriate in your love for one another with words of affection and adoration?  The Sextibles group believes we all deserve the height of Passion during this Month for Lover's. 

Hence, the 14 Day Countdown to Romance Challenge!  The year has only begun.  Are you keeping it Playful, Private, & Passionate?  Are you expressing your desire for your play-partner or are you running out of fresh ideas?  Well, Never Fear! Your Sexting Expert has 14 days of Romance planned to make your 14th day filled with Playful Passion!  The following are Playful Sexting suggestions.  Start with these and see where the conversation leads or mix them up with other options of Sext from the game SEXTIBLES* Lover's Romance

Day 1 - Send a sext "My love, I miss your caress...let's make this the best Valentine's Day ever!"

Day 2 - Kiss the neck of your play-partner, give a little moan, and whisper "Can't wait til our Valentine's Night!"  If you can't be with your play-partner, send a Sext - Add "Mmmm....."

Day 3 - Plan your wardrobe for your special night - What shirt does your play-partner love on you?  Do you need to go shopping?

Day 4 - Send a midday Lover's Sext - "Imagining your body gets me through the day with a smile!"

Day 5 - Late Night TV Sext - While streaming your favorite series or during the game, send a "hot pic preview"; a photo of something you plan to share on the night of Romance. (See examples below)

Day 6 - Sext a love note - Send a longer sext detailing words of respect to your play-partner.  Describe the good things they bring to your life or how they make you smile everyday!

Day 7 thru 11 - Sensory Sext - Send a Sext describing one of the 5 senses; touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. Smell-"I love the scent of your skin when I kiss your neck." Send one per day until you have found a way to describe each sense in detail to your lover. 

Day 12 - Sext a Song - Sext a video or song download with the words "This song - you and me dancing in the dark all night long." Examples of songs: No Ordinary Love by Sade or Wanted by Hunter Hayes. 

Day 13 - Send a Sext Question - "If tomorrow night were the last night you could be in my arms, what could I do to make the memory last for all eternity?"

Day 14 - Send the Hottest Sext of all - "Tonight, you're mine!"

I hope each of our Sextibles* Fans and Followers have the most Romantic 14 days of their life!

Don't forget to share to be entered in the drawing for a Lover's Romance Passion Pack. Someone you know may need the Sextibles* 14 Day Countdown to a Night of Playful Romance Challenge!