Warning this Video SHARE is explicit and telling

FROM the desk of ReignaX;
Not long from now - my story will become known - I am a survivor of rape, my company and it's products are a result of having found something BEAUTIFUL in a world I once thought was not for me to respect, to enjoy, or to EMBRACE - Judgements are inevitable in everything including abuse or making dreams happen - I hope that for each of you that have found a way to survive your pain no matter what they might be - that you can find the other side - THE BRIGHT SIDE - one where LOVE and Intimacy need not be filled with sorrow and shame! PLEASE understand High Sexiety, LLC and it's products Sextibles and Suggestibles the Love Keyboard were created with the most positive intentions! 

My company ADVOCATES only Loving, Sensual, CONsentual, Intimate relationships between adults - there are NO judgements on this page! We EMBRACE the freedom to Explore a World of Intimacy in a SAFE and Private way!  The human body and it's bountiful ability to show LOVE isn't limited to only one way of EXPRESSION! Your way may not be mine - Mine may not be yours! 

Please Free your Mind!

Respecting your life as I ask you to Respect Mine! 
ReignaX, CCO

PS. To my friend and Editor - ELAYNE - Thank you for sharing this journey with me - NO Editing on this one! Just a letter from the NEW Me!