Hey Everyone!

Over the holiday weekend, I got to pull out my summer reading list and was reminded of a question that is always being asked from the ReignaX followers - "Why do you always sign off with the words Keep it Playful?"  After a weekend of reading some very juicy stories my 'full' answer came to me. 

It's simple; because we should! Relationships need Sensual Inspiration - Period! Relationships are tough, they go through periods of doubt, indecision, boredom, and heavy stress.  Sometimes we need space but truly what we need is to remember to "Keep it Playful". 

I have been a reader all my life...I crave a good book whether it's electronic or the real deal complete with its old musty smell.  In those books, I have found laughter, smiles, romance, intrigue, and sensuality.  And yes, all these things inspire play time with my playpartner.

How can words like the following examples not inspire one to want a better and more playful love life?  Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones and already keep it spicy.  Does this mean you can't be inspired?  After having read possibly over 2000 books thus far and truly I think that's a very low estimation, I disagree that it only happens in books.  (wink wink)  I can assure you I know this one from first hand (and body) experience but I can also say with certainty that even I need a daily dose of sensual to keep my kitten purring. 

Sensuality Inspiration examples:

"Mmm, I want a lot, ferocity, passion, animalism....Overpower me. Tonight I want to be wicked."                                                                            Just One Night; Kyra Davis(2013)

"The need to take this woman, to slake his never-ending lust around her, was a primal, living thing inside him."                                                    His to Protect; Katie Reus(2013)

"When he groaned into her mouth, she pulled back a fraction.  He let out a frustrated sound until he realized what she was doing.  Moving quickly, she straddled him......She wanted to feel his body against hers. And feel it she did."                                                                                      His to Protect; Katie Reus(2013)

I hope each of you have your summer reading list - (Hello Men - You too...trust me these also have some good thriller scenes).  If you don't read, then watch a movie. Sensual Inspiration is in everything we do, if we will just look at the world around us with a playful mindset.  Life doesn't have to be all stress and no play.  Find time to play with your playpartner, increase the joys you found in each other's arms and never lose it!

Keep it Playful,

*All books can be found at Amazon.com. All book quotes are that of their author's and not the property of High Sexiety, LLC - the use of the quotes are for entertainment and educational purposes.