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Topics of the Week:

Special Thank You to those that Serve in Uniform from ReignaX & Lana Lane!  Our Hearts appreciate your Sacrifice! We hope you enjoy the Special Teases and SG's in your honor in our latest game out on iOS App Store now - This game is dedicated to YOU & Your PlayPartner! Thank you for your service!

Sensual Sexcapades - Holiday Boating Sexcapade


ˈsekskəˌpād/ - noun/ Sexual Adventure between consenting adults performed outside of the bedroom.

This week's Sexcapade tips are in answer to "WaterLover Fan" - Thank you for the email, hope these simple tips help to stir your own creativity in what is possible on your weekend boating trips! Keep it Playful!

MotorBoating Tips

  1. Lotion - Make the most of the Lotion Time - DO NOT put your own lotion on(not every time). Take time to really massage the lotion or oils into your playpartner's skin...feel your partner's body as you are rubbing...give into how good it feels and never forget to compliment as your rubbing!  Touching is sexy and you never know where it might lead.
  2. Private Swim - When your boat (anchors) for the afternoon, if you have guest serve them refreshments and pull your playpartner to the side and request (if you swim) for a little private swimming.  You can usually hide near deck boat and find a little playtime in the water.
  3. Hidden Coves - If you don't have guest and it's just the two of you - Chart a course into a more secluded Cove - these tend to be a little more private where you can turn your sensual music up to a respectable level and then have a private party with you and your playpartner.  NOW - think adventure - there is a little risk of getting caught but in the heat of the moment...when your hot, sweaty, happy from all those good waves and sunshine...the sensuality is found in letting your feeling for your playpartner and the heated day take your sensual stolen moment to new heights...bring your IMAGINATION and by all means play!

*Always follow all safety rules and state laws when engaging in activities in or on the water!

Sensual Role Play  - Super Hero


ˈrōlˌplā/ - noun/ Adult Role Play - Consenting adults performing character activities in the bedroom. Rx

This week's Sensual Role Play tips are one of my personal faves.  Sensual Role Play is different from Sexcapade - The first is usually played out in a bedroom or home setting whereas the latter is performed practically anywhere one has the creative mindset to do so.  Making role-play sensual is a different matter  - so here are my tips to making the most sensual experience out of a Super Hero/Rescue Role Play for adults.

Super Hero/Rescue Role Play Tips:

  1. Costumes - These can be fun but sometimes they can be silly because the costume doesn't live up to our "mirror" hopes (i.e. I might not look like cat woman in leather or it's too hot and uncomfortable) - so my suggestion find alternatives...I've been planning this one out for some time and came up with a solution...for the man(Hero) Jeans, T-shirt with Super Hero(Captain America for me) logo, and a long sleeve button down.  Imagine if you will when it's time to save the damsel in distress...buttons pop from the strong arms ripping them off.  It's a tasty fantasy for me...but make up your own costume ideas, they aren't likely to be on for long.
  2. Setting the stage - Play with this one, perhaps the damsel has been bound and gagged by a dangerous villain in a large closet and is awaiting her rescue.  So you will need a large closet (walk-in preferred), rope, a handkerchief for a gag or blindfold, and something fun to reward the mighty hero with when he saves the day.
  3. Reward for Rescue - Suggestion: Massage Candle - giving the muscles of the strong man that rescued you a massage before play is a very rewarding experience for both. Light the candle and let the oils and your hands lead the way to a Romantic Reward for two.


Sensual Book Club

In this weeks and the future weeks, my book club share will be a culmination of several books that the ladies and I chose to study about the Kama Sutra.  I will talk about the Kama Sutra and in the future will post tips of how to put it into practice in your intimate life.  But for now we are just getting started with the what's and the why's.  So enjoy.

List of Great Titles on the subject of Kama Sutra:

  • Kama Sutra BLACK BOOK by Veronica White (2015)
  • Kama Sutra for Beginners by R. Riley (2015)
  • The Kama Sutra by Vatsyayana

SENSUAL Truth or Dare with ReignaX

This week I chose to go with the fun dare...Playfully fulfilling my duty to the Dare Challenger - 3 pics can be found in the ReignaX - The Private Collection - type in code - outofuniform - Thank you for playing Derek!